Ultra Clean 24-Free Nail Lacquer
Breathable Polish for Strong Healthy Nails
Enriched with Biotin
Safer, Cleaner Nail Lacquer

What does it mean to be 24-Free?

Entity's formula is more than clean, it's 'ultra clean'.

The Only

24-Free Nail Lacquer

1st Ultra Clean Formula
Biotin Enriched
PETA Approved & Vegan
Fast Drying
Rounded Italian Dome Brush

Now for some quick


Everyone else's lacquers:

Nitrocellulose + Pigments =

Nitrosamines (ew!)

Our lacquers

Nitrocellulose + Pigments + Entity's unique inhibiting agent =

Safer, Cleaner Nail Lacquers (yay!)

Breathable Formula

When air is not able to pass to the nail plate, heat build-up under the nail occurs, resulting in thin, yellowing nails, or even trapping moisture that can lead to microbial growth (a.k.a. bacteria).

Our breathable formulation helps prevent this from ever happening, keeping nails beautiful and clean during and between coats of polish.

Industry Leader

Entity Clean™ is a trend driven brand created by Nail Alliance.®

Nail Alliance® is the best kept secret in the world of nail care! We are the most influential global manufacturer of professional nail products and the largest privately held manufacturer of professional nail products in the world.

We also rank as the #2 GLOBAL professional nail manufacturer, sharing top honors with #1 Sally Hansen and #3 Revlon.

What's Your Color?

With 30 gorgeous options to choose from, will you find your perfect color or will you have to have them all?

Biotin Enriched

Feel confident with Strong, Healthy nails

Instead of just removing the 7, 9, or even 34 bad ingredients, we figured we'd add a beneficial one in their place. For beautiful, durable, healthy-looking nails, we've added Biotin to our Ultra Clean formulations, a Vitamin B Complex known for its ability to promote optimal nail health!

Beyond Clean

The 1st Ultra Clean Nail Lacquer with a (unique) Nitrosamines inhibitor.

To understand our decision to go beyond clean, we will first need to give you a brief science lesson or two.

So, this Nitrocellulose walks into a nail polish bottle...and meets Pigments! They fall in love and make toxic compounds considered potentially dangerous to human health called Nitrosamines.

Because we believe nail polish should be fun and not harmful, Entity Clean's unique formula helps interfere with these toxic formations making it the first U.S. nail lacquer to claim "Ultra Clean" status!